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A brutal one-button rhythm game about hitting the breakbeat. Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 30.

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"I want to bring this around on my Android in exchange for a measly dollar!"

(Get it now and get all future updates completely free, price will increase as features are added)

"Tell me when there's a new world!"

Play our IGF nominated other rhythm game, Rhythm Doctor!

(psst.. a taylor swift)

A planet of fire,
A planet of ice,
Eternally dancing,
Alternating the lead
So one will not
fall in the other
to make two mildly lukewarm planets. Ugh!
Use whichever key you see fit - though the [ and ] keys adjust the offset.

I've tested the latencies on Mac and PC and adjusted them for each platform, but there is a chance your computer will have a different latency setting as well. Use the training area to check the latency!



v0.3.1 (27/10/14) Calibration minigame!

v0.3.0 (4/10/14) Third level pack!

v0.2.0 Second level pack!

v0.1.2 Mashing guard!

v0.1.1 Added tutorial levels!

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