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Hi, can you please add some acccessibility for screen readers into this? I am able to, I think, play as I'm using spacebar to tap out rhythms, but I don't really know how I'm doing in terms of scoring and things.

69 yes

i got blop king :)

I play osu and the best score I got was 173

61 blops C rank


I AM BLOP KING (this was surprisingly hard, great game!)


got C after that but at least i am already blop king


ridiculously fun and addicting, I'm deaf now but it was worth it

do i just spam?-

163 and im already burnt ou



this is just quiz show from rhythm tengok


except it’s a passable game

and it doesn’t have the gag where you can blow up the counter by spamming too much which is the only redeeming factor of quiz show

also i’m replying to a 2-year-old comment like why am i doing this

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Hey, farmer man,

I don't care about your ""Rhythm Doctor"" side project, when's blipblop coming to Steam?


why do you bold the first line

what a strange person


xD Feels good to be a blop. ^^


wow nice!!!! i tried it once after seeing this and got 109. you are truly a blop 


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My best score is 135. Do I get a cookie


thats impressive, nice job! but no cookie i am sorry


Ah, Rhythm Doctor before Rhythm Doctor

you are proud of it,arent ya?



Dias from discord was here