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very good game much love <3 very nice myusch lucbe

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Autoplay actually loses when you get to "the windup (4.999998x)


i remember when this game was free lol


The game is too hard to be enjoyable :(

you dunno how to play then

beat the whole game and am new to rhythm games

Yeah, maybe it's hard for me XD

3-X is hard to me but it is very fun


2-X is not on beat at all 


Yeah that's the point


that is why it is called offbeats


i know the fire and ice balls are circling them self but i cant stop thinking they are playing a weird leap frog lmao

Bro same lol

3-X (1.4x) is really hard

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bro i bought this shitty game edit: i beat the game and played custom levels pretty good fucking game


skill issue 🙏 get better 



nah your just bad

3-x the wind-up (1,2x) is really but really difficult.



i could beat that in no time.

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I got to 1.4x, but at that point you need to start using 2 fingers (still possible with one finger, but really really hard)

I bought this game for a very simple reason: I saw videos of Korone, Okayu, Mio and Fubuki of Hololive playing it.

And it is a great game.

whenever i launch the game and i go to the wind-up 1x it feels slow

great game, bought on steam



but amazing game 

3-x is super laggy 


get a better cheap PC

great game love it i have alot of lag thogh so 3-x is impossible



"great game love it" part is good but "i have a lot of lag though so 3-x is impossible" is un-accepted!


and get a better PC

great game. hard but good music.

3-X is extremely hard

awsome man


in 2-X i can't go up 

i got up, just i died on the 3rd to last beat

That's a mood


yeah, it's just the pressure... it leaves a hole in your gut and it feels like 2 hours have passed but it's only 2 seconds, the next one you realize you just died on the 3rd to last beat 4 times back to back.



There are any chances of getting the DLC Neo Cosmos on this release of the game?


it's out now!

It is a really good rythm game ! The first levels are a good and quite easy introduction, but the latter levels require some training. Very nice !

The game doesnt launch on mac, it says that there are missing files, I tried multiple times but I couldnt launch it.

did the first 2 in 1 try but the last level i did in like 20 lmao

really fun just suer hard

I have no rhythm xD - 1-X is impossible for me. Suddenly so fast wow :D



almost any button will work

i meant the keyboard stuff

It is a one button game. It doesn't matter which button or key you use. You just have to hit at the right time.

how do i start the game? i cant even figure out the world select screen

one square is one quarter note


that doesn't help




no cap this game is good ( I'm replying to you in particular because I'm also chinese


I can play this version through in one try, speedrun time lmao. Bought the full version on steam. Performance, art and especially the custom level design is so trippy and so fun. 12/10 was worth it. 

This game is cool :D

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i pirated this game and i'm not going to buy it :D
2/10, would not play again








bro chill every one has there own opinion




my gameplay keeps on getting interrupted by the calibration

how do i turn it off?


dont click C

Bro i got up to The wind-up 1.5X😯

that normal


That April Fools bit was hilarious!

what happened?

Is this a secret or is it normal?When you go to the calibration,and fail 3 times,it will say,''Let's just go to the normal calibration...''

its normal i think


that means you are bad at rhythm in general

I Can finally beat Offbeats and A Dance of Fire and Ice.

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