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fizzd i wanna tell you that your the best at making rhythm games I especially like Rhythm Doctor but I finally beat THE WIND-UP (3-X) The music is awesome I love your games, Just keep doing what you do best fizzd.

Will you reply? I dont know but if you see this, Your awesome. (Play Rhythm Doctor in a new tab here!)

Edit: So far I'm on 3-X (1.4x) [Insane+(+)]





Its hard to describe how amazing this game is

Hm, the demo isn't working for me...

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    at doRun (749b5b58-b8b0-4649-aab3-3a5197f41ec0:2)
    at run (749b5b58-b8b0-4649-aab3-3a5197f41ec0:2)
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    at Object.removeRunDependency (749b5b58-b8b0-4649-aab3-3a5197f41ec0:2)
    at processDataJob (UnityLoader.js:4)
    at a.callback (UnityLoader.js:3)

I'm running it in Brave (Chromium-based) on macOS.

I tried it in Safari, and it does run at first, but attempts to play ran into various other game-breaking errors.

What browser/platform do you support, that I should try the demo on?

hello. I have a macbook air and my downloaded version of the game is not working

great game :)


My balls won't move i need help


bruh my dirty mind

Thank god I'm not the only one.


You pervs

no they mean the blue and red planets

not the :- balls


Holy cannoli this is SO addicting

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My langhage is  chinese.
When playing recently, the grid will not show the icon of play perfect or late , I want to know if it is a bug and how to fix it.

Thank you.

P.S  I use steam version

Hi, this game is coll, but i can't play for some reason. When i start the lvl ( in campain mode), I don't have anything, no space button to start, i can't do anything. I clicked on all the buttons but nothing happened, the game just did not start. Can someone help me pls.

When is the 1.10 update coming here ?

We just updated it!

how to i play adofai custom map?

Hi, go to the Level Editor portal that is on the left part on the level select. In the level editor, click on the tab located at the top, then click Open and open the level you want to play. If you want to find custom levels, you can visit the game's discord (shared with our other game, Rhythm Doctor):

Hey, is this 32-bit? All that's showing on my Mac is a black screen :/

Unity, the game engine we use, only supports building for 64-bit macOS. If your mac is from 2012 onwards, it should work with this. Maybe you're having a different problem. Download the latest version and let me know if it's still showing a black screen! Thank you.


This is such a simple premise, but executed so well! 


on 2-X, the speed up part is a little broken. pls fi

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Funny but why i don't have money ): lol


this game is quite fun because it mixes music with coordination

its funny how windup beginning is long than the pay version and became black in the recent update :3

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I purchased version 1.4.0 Great game! 

I cannot figure how to update. Any help?

EDIT: I figured it out. Go to the original purchase email confirmation and select [Download your Purchase] The newest version will be downloaded.

Hi! You can also download the Itch app ( that works like Steam, it manages your downloaded games and updates them automatically.


Very well done... Great work!


i've already purchased on here but can I get a steam key aswell or instead? :) 

When is 1.5.0 update? It's out on steam

we just updated it, you can download it now!

I think this game is really cool, but I wish I could play custom levels in mobile (Android, iOS), because these days people usually play game with it.

I heard that Android one could play customs in debug mode (deleted it now..?), and iOS nowadays can download files by safari and load it via new files app mechanism.

If you support custom levels in mobile, I’m sure more people will love your game! I’m excited to check out this and some other features in the future.

Hi, thank you for the kind words! We are still working on Workshop support for Steam (it's in beta there). After we launch that, we will think options on how we can make some kind of workshop and editor for mobile.

Very Good music and Good gameplay, the art could improve, but in the full version looks better. Great Game!


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Wonderful game...But I want play custom game by mobile phone.

Nice little game to play right away in a your browser.


This feels kind off like "Osu!", but better in my opinion.

And I have to admit, at first I just wanted to play test it, but then I just kept playing. Way to go, I love your work.

Nice! I like the concept of ice and fire.

Thank you!

the 2 games is very good (the rhythm doctor and this)

Thank you so much! We're glad you like them!

my name?

Hello. i really enjoyed reading your writing about advice for new rhythm game makers, and i enjoyed playing this game a lot as a prototype. however, i do not think i would buy a full version.

the core conceit of the game seems designed to obfuscate the player's knowledge of what to do and cause them to fail based on arbitrary renderings of the projects translation between movement and music. i also don't enjoy single-input rhythm games or ones with auto-fail conditions.

i did finish playing what was the first long song because i respect your game design understanding and methodology. i am excited to check out more projects from you in the future. <3

Hello, thank you for the message! You're right and that's the whole mechanic of the gameplay, to introduce a new notation of rhythm different from VSRGs.  Wrote more about it here , and if you don't find it interesting enough to hold your attention then it's not a a game for you. Thanks for playing though :)

The game feels greath. But, I wish I would hear the music before playing it. Because, I don't know what is next and stop listening music, just looking for boxes of path. Thus, my experience going down. The game turn into a reflex challange.

Hello Feroand, thank you for your feedback. Right now we are working on a practice mode so you can hear the rhythms and start from anywhere in the stage. We think that will help, it will be out soon for the paid version of the game.

So funny

reached 3 - x 1.5 and stuck

let's go to steam and get it

I really enjoyed ADOFAI, it reminded me of the Rhythmove Dungeon minigame from Rhythm Heaven, but this is way better IMO. Got stuck at The Wind-Up 1.5x but had a lot of fun with it.

You guys did great job!

I really enjoyed it.

I think it would be more interesting if you add midi controller as the controller of this game.

thank you dreamerk, wow midi controller is interesting and i really want to add midi support now. thanks for the idea!

This is amazing, I cant stop playing it, at the moment i am on the 1 - X A Dance of Fire and Ice, so amazing!!!!

Whoa, this game is brutal! Either that, or I have zero rhythm; yeah in fact that's probably it. I love the way such a simple thing can be used to create something so advanced, great idea and execution! (If only I had the necessary skill to actually play it...)

Love this concept, and really fun gameplay! :D

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