A Dance of Fire and Ice is a strict one-button rhythm game. You control two orbiting planets as they travel down a winding path.

If you like the browser demo at the top of the page, you can scroll down (or check Steam) to get the paid full version with remastered art and lots more features and levels!

Note that the itch.io version here is cheaper than the Steam version because it does not come with Steam Workshop support (Steam doesn't allow it!). Level editor and custom levels are still totally available, you just have to load the levels manually from a URL.

Soundtrack  |  Neo Cosmos DLC | Neo Cosmos DLC Soundtracktweet us?

Play our IGF nominated other rhythm game, Rhythm Doctor!

Use whichever key you want on the keyboard. The [ and ] keys adjust the offset. 

  • Remastered Art: Soar through each genre of music in a variety of colorful fantasy landscapes.
  • New angles: Triangles are triplets, skewed verticals are swung notes.. when you're not limited to cardinal directions, there are a lot of new interesting rhythms to play with! 
  • Post-game challenges: Speed Trials for each world and blisteringly fast bonus levels for the brave.
  • Play new levels for free: The full version contains more than 15 worlds. Tackle new songs and new rhythms as we expand the game with free level patches over the coming months.

Steam reviews - >90% positive.

Click the "Buy Now" button below to get the full version. Let us know what you think in the comments! Please note: the itch version does not come with a Steam key.

Having technical issues? You can check our Technical Problems FAQ, or email support questions to: giacomo@7thbe.at or leave a message in the #adofai-bugs channel on our Discord! 

Legacy Changelog:

v0.4.2 (5/12/18) Ported to WebGL! Only took four years

v0.3.1 (27/10/14) Calibration minigame!

v0.3.0 (4/10/14) Third level pack!

v0.2.0 Second level pack!

v0.1.2 Mashing guard!

v0.1.1 Added tutorial levels!

web statistics

Updated 18 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(579 total ratings)
Authorsfizzd, Kyle, giacomopc
Made withUnity
Tags2D, a-dance-of-fire-and-ice, adofai, Arcade, heaven, Indie, Music, one-button, rhythm-doctor
AccessibilityOne button


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

a-dance-of-fire-and-ice-linux.zip 316 MB
Version 2.1.1
a-dance-of-fire-and-ice-win64.zip 361 MB
Version 2.1.1
a-dance-of-fire-and-ice-mac.zip 309 MB
Version 2.1.1
a-dance-of-fire-and-ice-win.zip 356 MB
Version 2.1.1


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Im on 3-X (1.4) :|

LMAOO is 3-x just endless?? im up to like 2.9 and from 1.4 onward ive had to be on autoplay

if i buy the full game can i play on chrome os

(1 edit)

The demo's great, but 3-X is actual pain. Oh well, rage games are fun because of what makes them not fun.


I beat 3-X :DDD

whats next then

Next thing is actually buying the steam game.

not what i meant but ok  i emant what happens after u beat 3

when you beat 3-X it just speeds up by 10% every time you beat it

wtf it turns omg

this game is so hard ive never really played rhythm games but this makes me want to ha i even picked up a mobile rhythm game

i got to 1.9x in 3-X with only using one finger, it's safe to say it's aching

i thought u meant one key btu one finger is possible btu ahrd

57% on wind up 1.5 speed

how do u download custom songs?


got to heracles without dying bro

I'm on 3-X  17%



this aint just a rythm game ats also a little bit of a rage game


(5 edits)

I got 20% as best on 1-X!!!

Edit: NOW IT'S 40%

Edit: Now it's 57%

Edit: Now it's 72%

Edit NOW I'M ON 2-X

I PASSED 2-X!!!!!

nice took me days to do 1.x 2.x seems easier in 10 minutes i could make it to the rabbits but thats where i failed i bet i can get it in another 20 though

Yeah but the hard thing in 2-X is it's offbeat...Warning!: If you're playing the browser demo, there ARE still camera effects,  just not as many in the full game.

I only played the browser demo and i suck.

its not even on youtube

how the hell do you get the url for an adofai level

love the game super fun


Currently furthest I've gotten is 66% on 1-X. Really enjoying it so far

why did it start laging it was at like over 60 fps now its less then 60 whatt happen???


Its your PC not mine

(1 edit)

download this not a virus so save

79 percent yes

I believe in you Omay, you can do it!


53% on 1.6x

but i did beat 1.5 in 1 attempt

i beat 1.5x, but 1.6 might be my end

1.5x might be my limit

im on 1.2x (:

beat it, but why is there a 1.1x ):

i got 97% on 3-x ):

I cant even beat 1-X

im poor and i cant download the full version :(



(1 edit)

So are we just gonna keep repeating same in the replies or?(Not to be rude or anything.)(I'm awake and my fingers hurt like shit-)

lol ong tho

bro in one of my comments there were a lot of people commenting 'same' like they were filling up my notifications-


Hey, it’s nice! I wish the calibration step was clearer though: it says you can “join in anytime” but in fact, you need to repeat the beats a certain number of times to complete the calibration. So I was looking for a secret button to join or anything (but then it wouldn’t really be one-button).

Maybe showing a number of calibration beats left would be better. Also a hint that you should enable audio (I had mine shut down), and visual indication of the beat too. Fortunately there is at least the the disc rotating so I could evaluate the beat period, but I certainly had an offset to the actual beat.

Maybe this is already done in the Steam version? If so, and you don’t want to spend time upgrading the free version, you could just add instructions on the itch page.

very good game much love <3 very nice myusch lucbe

Autoplay actually loses when you get to "the windup (4.999998x)

What's autoplay and how do I activate it

press "a" when on a level


yea, but after speed 2.3 the song is not even enjoyable, so it doesn't really matter at that high of a speed

and besides, people don't have a good enough reaction time to pass speeds of 2.1, so there's no real reason to get that far

good on you for spending an hour on this game tho

thanks I guess lol


i remember when this game was free lol


The game is too hard to be enjoyable :(


you dunno how to play then

beat the whole game and am new to rhythm games

Yeah, maybe it's hard for me XD

nah, believe it or not you can enjoy it to, even if you're so bad you can't get past 1-x

even you can make it to the furthest difficulty in this game

3-X is hard to me but it is very fun


2-X is not on beat at all 


Yeah that's the point


that is why it is called offbeats

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