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UPDATE 2023/4/1: Hello! This latest update changes the path where ADOFAI should be installed. Please refer to this guide to install and play correctly. Thanks!
In case of having more problems, please send us an email to support@7thbe.at.

A Dance of Fire and Ice: Neo Cosmos is an expansion to our indie rhythm game, A Dance of Fire and Ice

It’s directed by TaroNuke, creator of NotITG and UKSRT. Check out his previous works and you may have an idea of what you’re in for!

Warning: Neo Cosmos is a challenging DLC. We think you’ll enjoy this most if you have beaten at least Worlds 7 to 12 in the main game.

  • New worlds: Adds 5 new worlds to the game, each with new mechanics and gimmicks.
  • New editor features: New Neo Cosmos-specific level events added to the Level Editor. 
  • Original music: Features original tracks by Canblaster 2K6, Frums, Ash Astral, and DM DOKURO.
  • Directed by TaroNuke (creator of NotITG and UKSRT), with plenty of surprises, new characters, and story.


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

neo-cosmos-mac.zip 111 MB
Version 2.5.0
neo-cosmos-linux.zip 111 MB
Version 2.5.0
neo-cosmos-win64.zip 110 MB
Version 2.5.0
neo-cosmos-win.zip 110 MB
Version 2.5.0


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새 dlc 파일을 받았지만 작동하지 않습니다.
조작 방법을 알려주세요.

Neo Cosmos is not being detected by the game even though I have the contents from the "StandaloneWindows64" folder inside the base game's "aa" folder. I also tried just putting it into the "StreamingAssets" folder and that didn't work either.

You'll need to follow the latest instruction provided here. 


7BG changed the way that Neo Cosmos should be installed since April this year. 

In short, for Windows, create a folder named NeoCosmos at the place where A Dance of Fire and Ice exe is located. Then, put the StandaloneWindows (for Win 32-bit) or StandaloneWindows64 (for Win 64-bit) in that NeoCosmos folder. 

You can refer to the link above or the download page for the instruction of download. (for both Windows and Mac) 

After following that instruction, run the game and you should be able to enter the Neo Cosmos portal. 

Put the folder itself inside or the contents of the folder?

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Put the StandaloneWindows folder or StandaloneWindows64 folder in the NeoCosmos folder (just create a new file folder named NeoCosmos on your PC). The put this NeoCosmos folder to the same place that A Dance of Fire and Ice exe. is located. 

someone I really need help installing this.  I am trying, downloaded both win64 and win and trying to follow what others said.

I keep getting this error, it says to update my game but I am unable to. the game just gives me an error when I start it.

Hello, sorry for the issues this has caused. We just fixed this problem; it was a problem on the main ADOFAI game which was not detecting Neo Cosmos. Please download the latest windows ADOFAI version here https://fizzd.itch.io/a-dance-of-fire-and-ice, and then install Neo Cosmos into it again. It should work fine now!

o hell nah My anti virus said that this could acsess my data

then why you paid for this dawg

it mean steam and steam work shop

this is so dumb

its not letting me download the game, l tool all of your guys tips and its not working.

you gotta extract the zip file and place its content (The StandaloneXxx folder) inside of a new folder called NeoCosmos. The folder structure should look like NeoCosmos/StandaloneXxx. Then copy the NeoCosmos folder into your ADOFAI installation folder and open the game. If you are on Windows and it gives you an error, try placing both StandaloneWindows and StandaloneWindows64 in the NeoCosmos folder.

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my computer was on fire while playing t5-x resolution 20% ldm


neo cosmos kind of a flop tbh

when is this gonna be released on the website?



The install instructions don't tell you to copy the UnityServicesProjectConfiguration, you HAVE to copy that too for it to register!

Hope this help!

N e o. C o s m o s

The game isn't reading that I have Neo Cosmos installed even though I put the contents of "aa" in the right directory.

you have to put the aa/ folder into the streaming assets folder not the contents of it. If you already have the dlc content in streaming assets then make a new aa folder and move everything into there.


help! I cannot enter world T4!

As you can see in the pic, I stepped on what should be the portal but can't enter it...is this a bug or something?


Im also having the same issue! hopefully its just a bug. Currently talking to some people on Discord to see if I can do anything about it!


Alright so heres an update! To fix the problem I just spammed a bunch where the portal should be and it took me to the level. I was super desperate to play so i thought spamming would do something and I guess it did! let me know if it works!!!

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Hi Hyacinni, sorry for the bug, we've fixed it now! And glad that spamming worked haha, that's so funny, there was a tile covering the portal tile by accident, so there was a chance you could still hit that portal tile it seems. Thank you for the report!

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Hi rank7bil, sorry for the bug, we've fixed it now! Thank you for the report!

Fizzd, can you fix the neo cosmos bug??? thanks


kids in the comment section crying because their parents wont let them buy the DLC that you have to pay for.

I totally agree with you

This is an absolute masterpiece. I adored the base game, still playing through this DLC. It's such a charming and challenging addition! This really is my favorite rhythm game ever.  Thank you so much for making more!!!

Does anyone know how to install the DLC? I bought and downloaded it on itch but it  doesn't seem to be working. Pressing launch opens the installation folder and trying to play the dlc in the game opens a browser to this page.


hello! have you followed the installation instructions?
1. Unzip neo-cosmos-win.zip. You'll find a folder called aa.
2. Go to the folder where A Dance of Fire and Ice is installed.
3. Paste the aa folder into this path A Dance of Fire and Ice_Data/StreamingAssets.
After you run the game, the Neo Cosmos DLC should be available.
Hope this helps! In case you keep running into problems, you can send me an email to giacomo@7thbe.at

hey your itch io doesnt work my mom would get it but the itch io doesn't work, at least i have the dlc now from the steam one, thanks.

you have to unzip the dlc and put the aa/ folder inside your game folder’s StreamingAssets/ folder. Restart the game and voila

dont worry i have it on steam

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Dear 7th beat games,

  I'm typing on itch.io to you that ADOFAI DLC is not free yet because my dad said that it has to be paid with credit card so I want to be free on itch.io by putting a "No thinks, take me to downloads" button to make the game even more downloadable to make us play

  I hope you can make it playable(non-private).




Hint: Line 5 & Line 8, Word 41st to 46th (start word)& Word 3rd to 4th(end word)


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i agree that the fact that they are asking for 7th Beat Games to make the DLC free is stupid but you don't have to insult them

Bro it’s a DLC because it’s extra, payed content for those who enjoy the game. If you aren’t willing to buy it, that’s your problem. 7th beat games will 100% not make this free.


ADOFAI Legit in web: wants me to buy

Me: What is wrong with the No thanks, bring me to downloads. button?

no one asked

The fact that the dlc isnt free? Stop trying, the creators will keep it this way no matter how many times you ask

bro just stop spamming

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Ugh, I wish I wanna buy it but my parents won't let me, I wish I had this ADOFAI DLC

i have no credit kart :(


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Bro stop posting messages we know you're posting each one, stop asking to make it free.

Begging alert triggered! Begging alert triggered! (i’m waiting for the part where that’s my problem)

Actually really cool DLC! Glad more was added, without Steam Workshop on itch it felt kinda lackluster. Really glad more was added, and that this game isnt dead!

the dlc is more expensive than the actual game  

only by 1 cent tho


check the price


Just $4.00 USD or more

Can't wait to get this, just need a bit of money and I'm good.

me too


Wont work

how so?