PATHINKO - Thinking Pachinko

Mobile support is unfinished, please play on desktop instead! I dont even know if its possible to solve on mobile with such little screen space.

Made by fizzd for the Confounding Calendar 2022, a puzzle game jam where each submission has to be entirely within one screen, and with one single level. Then every day in December, one or two puzzles are released!

Extra controls:
R to erase all lines
W to reset ball and targets

'Lines left' is just a suggestion, not a requirement :) Sorry for sometimes non-deterministic physics, it's just like pachinko... redo it a few times and it'll eventually get the same trajectory.

Please post your solutions in the comments!

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made a pertetual motion machine





1 line :3



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my solution


 got bored

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One line


did it with 2 lines :P


Fun puzzle! It really stumped me for a while until I improved my line technique.

particle accellerator! made this once i completed the puzzle out of boredom

very cool game,  did it in two lines

loop de swoop

This is two lines.

A fun little juggling act!


You were so close in your first try. You could have created something like this.

Uses the fact that any hit counts for the orb, so 3 is out further than 1 on both the way in, and out.

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ez, could've done it with only one line


If the rng is kind to you and you left a positive review you can in fact beat it on mobile.

I have created a horror

Abusing the 2 bumper's hitbox.

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Had to place the 3 target so precisely to get this to work lol. On the first loop the ball is still building speed so it goes just low enough to hit the 3, then on the second loop it's going fast enough to miss the 3 but hits the extra line I drew, which slows it way down so it hits the 3 again.


That was fun! I didn't realize I can drag the ball too 😏


haha thats a great no ball drag solution. an honor to have you play, i've played and love so many of your games!

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Oh no it's MY honor to have you play my games. I love your games, both thinky and rhythmy


got this in one line

Great game! 3 lines

Tasty spaghetti and pachinkoballs, I smell full game potential.

Very nice and addictive, I'm gonna try making custom / generating some random sequences by myself and attempt to complete them. :>

121212123 sounds funny.


Thank you! I have still yet to beat EXTEN..

Let me know if you find any interesting sequence challenges haha


You were right

Lmao nice

This I solved in one line

i suggest you continue with this, its a genuinely good idea. one thing that comes to my mind is that you could create levels, where the goals are already set and you cant move them. your task is then to figure out a drawing that would make the ball hit them in the correct sequence

im glad you think so! i've been toying the idea of a small full game. i'll probably keep tinkering on it, thanks for the comment


cool idea, finished it in par! really cool to see how many different solutions people had!



What a wonderful concept, really pushed me to think in ways I had never before. I felt genuine satisfaction beating it, so it's a pleasure to share my solution. I can see that others' are very different, so cool!

never seen this solution before, its great!! glad you like the game!


Done... Very clever... Congratulations...


two lines


Nice game


That was fun! Physics were a bit inconsistent, but aside from that everything else worked well!


wow a mobile solve, that was some constrained screen space. congratulations!


It went quite crazy when I tried the classic Sonic loop, haha. Cool! "Space" to start wasn't working for me at first, maybe it's better to set another key that is not bind to anything.


great puzzle! done in one line, although it was a little bit cheating

thanks! lol great solution

woah this is really cool, although the buggy physics really makes this a lot harder

i did it in two lines, probably could do it in one since they're connected

nice! deleting your solution before this goes public just to not spoil it for others. but congrats

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oh whoops sorry haha (if anyone sees this, for context i did it in one line)


im back, here is my solution