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Is the key we get a Steam key? Just want to make sure before I decide to pay for it.

When the game releases, everyone who pre-ordered will get both an itch key and a Steam key!

Hi there. The demo is great and I'm looking forward to the full release. I was just wondering, for the name in the credits, should I send you my name now by email, or will that happen closer to release?


I will send out an email to everyone asking for their name exactly how they want it to be spelled when we're a little closer to release! Thank you for checking in on that :D

When are you going to launch the game on steam?


We don't have a date right now, but we are hoping before the end of 2019. We are currently developing the game simultaneously with updates for our other rhythm game, A Dance of Fire and Ice.  We will let everyone know when we have a release month in mind.

You can keep up with more detailed progress in the #game-updates channel of our Discord:

Its coming along very nicely! Can't wait to see this game when its fully released. The player-made levels are very interesting. Love the music. <3

Thank you! Yeah, the player-made levels have been incredibly interesting and fun, they've taken the game in new directions of gameplay and art that we never could've imagined or predicted. Can't wait for more people to try them.

Looking forward to trying this game! It looks very cool, hopefully my rating review gave you guys a good laugh haha! Is there any way I could buy avatars of the characters, cause I would totally rock them 24/7 on Steam, PSN, or Twitter even. :D

Thank you so much! Saw your review, really appreciate it. Can't say I can promise TF2 style hats hahaha but I hope you'll be into custom hands/sleeves and Steam trading cards.

Feel free to make any avatars of the characters yourselves for free, all the character sprites are available on our Discord:

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Can I buy 1 more demo for friend, using my card(I used it for my purchase) and my friend's e-mail?  Solved! Thank you for this really fun game!

oh great, glad you solved it on your own, thank you so much for buying!

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Loved the demo and I'm fairly certian I'll buy the game. However, i just wanted to know: If I preorder the game here, will I get it on Steam when it comes out as well?

Hey, thanks for the question, yes you will! Glad you liked the demo!

I didn't find out about a Preorder for this until just recently, made it a point to buy it so I can try out the new content since I played the demo until I got S rank on all the levels. So excited for the release.

thank you so much cinquedia! hearing that you like the game so much makes us really motivated!



i would die for everyone that worked on this game i love it so much


I didn't think it'd be possible to make a whole game off of Rhythm Heaven's rhythm test, but the demo blew me away. I'm rooting for you guys


thank you so much, and yeah we're surprised how much you can squeeze out of it too haha


This game is amazing!!! I played the flash version a while ago and i fell in love with it, but i haven't been following it a lot, but now i see there's a preorder so i instantly pre order it and i'm so hyped for the full game, congrats on making such an amazing, original and fun game! 

thank you angello, means a lot!




I'll pay $50 for a physical copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it turns out we lied about 2018 :( this year for sure!! great you are customer 1 for physical copy

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Here in Brazil will the value really be R$ 15 or will it cost R$ 50 +?

Unfortunately if it is the most expensive price my father wins this "duel"


it will be whatever the price of $15 steam games usually are in brazil. Looks like about R$ 27?

Hi fizzd, I'm brazilian and my father havn't 15 dollars. I would like play the  preorder  game, would you send it to me for e-mail, please?


A really good game with amazing ideas!  Thank you for presenting this!!  XD

(PS. Before I play the game, I thought my sense for rhythm is good. Now I won't say it any more haha

thanks for the comment! oh your rhythm will get better for sure if you keep playing these kinds of games haha


Easiest stage is too hard send help

so sorry, chopin is a hardass

I've got all 5 perfects in this Demo!(except the "easiest" level and custom levels,BTW,those are too hard:( but fun and exciting!) 

I've preordered , and hope the full game will release  on Steam soon!!!!

hey, wow congrats!! yeah the 'easiest' level is just a bonus extra challenge haha i know its really difficult. thank you for preordering, we are still working hard on the game!

oh are you Sound of Mystery?? Haha i just realised maybe it is you :)

nuh, it's a trick, lol. i am just his audience! so i named myself a similar one, XD

oh hahaha, well it is a nice fan-name

hyped :) still waitin'

thanks kutark!! see you next BIC :P

Hi! First of all, i just wanted to say congrats on the awesome game! i'm planning to buy the game, but i'm new to and i have a question. Right now i'm without my PC, if i buy the game on my phone, will i be able to access it from my PC when i get it?

Sorry if i have broken English, i'm from Brazil


Hey, thanks for your question! The phone version will come out much later unfortunately. Right now this preorder is for the pc & mac version only, there's no way to buy for phone yet. Sorry about it!

I bought the demo a while back, and I love the soundtrack!

So I have a question: Will you sell the OST on Steam? If so, how much? I would love to buy it when you realease it. Thanks!

Hey Undyner! Yeah we will release the OST, and we're not sure how much because we are still building it up right now and might continue to build it up after release. At most it'll be as expensive as Undertale's because how can we even compare. Thank you for your interest, as the composer of the game it means a lot!

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Hi! I’m glad that you actually made it this far to release a preorder build for the game :) I normally like challenge in games, so I’ll definitely keep playing. Can’t wait until the full game comes out! :) And yes, I am the same person from the Discord server.

thanks SynXyn! and hi discord person


Hey ! I've been following this for 3 years already !  (!!!)

Congrats on finally doing this ! I'm so glad for you, and I hope the game will get popular !

Haven't played the demo yet (awful lack of free time...) but if I find anything relevant to say, I'll come back !

Wish you the best, cuz U da best !

thanks Jey, yeah i remember you from the flash game's comment section haha. thank you for the long support!


I read about this a while back, was tempted to try the demo and I was smiling all the way through despite having zero rhythm and losing a lot.  I haven't been keeping an eye on the fanscene, which I appreciate is really quite extensive so I came to the pre-order version as basically a novice.  I am impressed.  So inventive, so clever.  Well done developers, keep it up.

I appreciate part of the fun is seeing the new features and you earn them by clearing levels, but wow, it is hard for a new player.  I am pretty good at rhythm action usually, but this is crushing at times (even if it is keeping a metronome beat mentally).  I lost a lot.  Consider putting in a super easy mode or expect a number of less patient players to refund and leave a negative review when you release on Steam.

Thanks tho, this is awesome.

Hey proxymoron thank you for the extensive feedback, this is really useful. Yeah we specifically hid this preorder and didn't announce it anywhere because we meant for this to be more geared towards the fans on discord and the mailing list, who are usually people who have played the game for a lot longer than most.

Hearing you loud and clear about the difficulty, and the full game will build up much more gently and have a bunch of drills and accessibility adjustments for those who need the game more lenient. This is one of the first feedback we have gotten from a less experienced player and its really useful, so thank you for the writeup and the preorder, really appreciate it!

I just spent the rest of my paycheck though :/

no worries, the editor is free and keeps being updated too if you'd like more RD haha.

im so hyped for this game! Sadly i dont have enough  money to pre order it :(

thanks for the hype anyway !


Wow, I can't wait for this to  come out, congrats on getting so close!

thank you so much, it's been a long journey and support like yours make it worthwhile!


Fizzd plz you're going to make me cry (´;︵;`). Instantly preordered! I cant wait!

thank you! if you are the same exclamation in the discord, congrats on beating it 100% too!

Yes I am! And thank you!

shout to my homie Giakobe

Hi lolkobe, thank you for your preference!


I have been waiting for so long to get a pre-order on this game! Y'all deserve my money just for that one Starboy level. <3

thank you so much backwardflow! Glad you liked that old level that shall never be released again :D


At last, I can toss money at my favorite indie rhythm game!

thank you for the money you have tossed kayakazan!! we caught it with gratitude :)


Bout time you let us throw our money at you officially.


thank you for buying 

Luigi """"""""Fan"""""""" 45

really appreciate it!


Never bought a game so fast before in my life! <3


same, really hyped for this game- the devs are doing an excellent job with it.

ahh thank you ghastly

thanks Ghastly!


thanks for supporting us here and on twitter qereweYT, really appreciate it <3



Thanks for offering this! We need to sate the hungry masses lol.


thank you dear cornerstone of the rd community

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