Preorder 3a released

11/11 (pocky day) - Preorder r3a released!


Hello, thank you for preordering the game. We really appreciate it! This update was mainly to add the Chinese versions of the vocal songs. They are sung and mixed by the same person who did the nurse voice sounds, our friend Jyi Sim, who also released a new single a few days ago. Check it out! The Chinese dubs were funded by our China region publishers Indienova.

New stuff:
- Dual audio for vocal songs, you can change the language in the main menu
- A song for dogs by Discord member Morphious86!

- Sleeve painter shader improved
- (secret) letters changed to arrows
- (secret) offset fix for Lounge (but it's been replaced by the song for dogs)

3 -> 3a (only relevant if you downloaded it on 10/11):
- fixed some dog animations
- volume adjust for dog song

Bad changes that appeared that we will fix:
- Editor: the 'one' of 'get set one' doesnt disable the lights now
- Double/half speed for op10no4 breaks sync at the bpm change

Files 253 MB
Nov 10, 2018 250 MB
Nov 10, 2018

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