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How do I get the game paid? I want to play so much. ;(

when the game will release??? :0

ja saiu uma musica do ato 2?

Hi, I noticed that a lot of people have the complete game.
I wanted to test the complete game too.
it would be possible to copy me
I put a video on my channel.


I  got  stuck  in  lv 4,and  I kept  counting  numbers  for the  whole  night  XD

thanks! and haha

I  get an "S" in tier 2( hard), but I CAN NOT  pass the tier 5!!!!!!!! It's too hard!!! I've played more than two hours!!!  

I don't know the end, but the middle part of tier 5 repeats the same rhythm again and again. Maybe that is why I can't get through................

Whatever, cool game. 

I really hope I can try the tier 6 _(:з」∠)_

tier 5 is a bonus and neverending, sorry!! you've basically finished the demo already :D

Cool game! I really like the songs!

thanks SamZane!

This is really cool.But it's too short.,and I hope Chinese players can buy this game at a cheaper price on steam.

Thanks :) yeah China price will be cheaper than US price, its normal for most games on Steam anyway.

Ei,quais são os requerimentos pra aquela tal demo desse jogo com o felps jogou,por favor me diga,espero que você responda logo,mas eu sei que vai dizer pra eu comprar a pre-release mas eu não tenho dinheiro,e isso sera um problema pra mim.

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como que vai n editor de fase

Você quer ter acesso ao editor de níveis? você pode baixar ele no nosso servidor do discord:

HOw do you go full screen in the editor.


Fizzd, this game is already amazing! I can't wait for the full release!

hey soul, thank you, so glad you think so!!

Quando for lançado na steam vai ser pago? Quanto vai custar? Eu quero mt comprar o jogo gostei mt do ritmo das músicas

Oi, obrigado pelas palavras gentis! O jogo vai ter o preço de 15 usd, mas se você é do brasil, o preço vai ser provavelmente a metade devido ao sistema de preço regional.

vc é um dos funcionários brasileiros?

Não, na verdade eu sou um dos desenvolvedores, se você estiver interessado em falar com outras pessoas que falam português experimente entrar em nosso servidor no Discord ( Lá você pode experimentar níveis customizados pela comunidade.

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fizzd,the game,in full phase,will be paid?

hi, yes it will be, but the editor will still be free


The offline version has a wierd glitch that softlocks the game at the start of the first level. idk what. I LOVE this game btw

S ranked the whole thing multiple times btw

hey, its most likely cause you need to extract the whole folder first before playing it (it can't access the song files if they're still in the zip, thats why). congrats on S ranking everything! if you join the discord you'll get a special role :D

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Hey, fizzd. Can you send me the chords of music "one shift more" for acustic guitar, please?

Where can I get WIP level  1-7? I want to play them

Hi, they're not available any more separately. they will be in the full version of the game!

Does this alpha (10/2018) end on the Bonus level? 

Cuz have some shadows of characters after!!! :O

No it does not. There is actually a secret level if you beat one of the hard songs with an S rank. I'll leave it to you to find which song it is :)

Stay classy,


Hey fizzd, i always try to play the game but every time i launch it there's just a white screen. I'm launching it from the app so, is there any explanation as to why it doesn't work?

Thanks for reading this message.

hey drumstick, sorry to hear that, we will look into it today! do you mind trying it without the itch app first and seeing if it works there?

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OH sorry this is the flash version, the flash version unfortunately isn't supported on the app. we thought you were posting in a different comments section at first whoops. sorry!

Fizzd,there is a glitch in which when you pause well in the seventh beat and press space, the action happens and also so I took a rank s in Classy (hardmode).

thanks for the report!

oh wow haha awesome!

fizzd, Do you want to translate the game into portuguese brazilian? You have many fans in Brazil, i am from Brazil.

what is the 1st pop music?

i did a glitch that i called it a challenge,the darker mode challenge,when you dies in the boss,restart speedly,and the light thing will bug XD

please dont fix this bug

S-slow. D-doublespeed. M-mute mode. O-manual beat. L/Caps Lock-2players. Y-change color 

Secret buttons?

speed doubled? I can not stand nor normal speed kkkkk

Epic game #thebestgamesofsteam

hey already left the music of act 2?

have a chance to leave an open beta
but I loved the game that I played the demo

When the game get  ready to download, will it be paid?

Ps: I love you guys ;D

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Look this bug : , too have others bugs

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Hello, Can I create a game inspired in your game? But, this game will have the youtubers/streamers Felps, Cellbit, alanzoka, Guaxinim, among others.


haha, sure you can make a game inspired by rhythm doctor. we are inspired by other games too

In the first bonus phase, when you quit or restart before the image ends the error song and it starts from start to finish as if nothing had happened.
Remember: The first stage bonus was ONLY the song

Ah! I forgot to mention that this happens when you lose and do things before the patient disappears.

thank you for the bug report!


Hey fizzd, Has the game been delayed on it's release cause I heard that the game was supposed to release in the first quarter of 2018? Not trying to rush, i mean it should take as long as it needs to take. Thx for reading if you do.  


Hey, yeah we hoped to release early last time but it's taken longer than we thought, sorry. We are working on it every day!

No problem, The game should take all the time that it needs to so don't stress that out and keep up the great work!




Hey fizzd, could you make the chords of intimate music available? It's because I really wanted to play it on the guitar. Excuse me if I took your time, and thanks for reading :).

Yo, here you go my man Fizzd already got you my man.

Thanks for helping!


how can I get the act 2 music I really liked and would like to hear it please


hey joao, we're making a longer version and we'll release it later this year. Sorry!

ok thanks for the comprehension

Hey fizzd! when you have time will you create a android/ios version?

hey gamerDTN! Haha yeah but its not a priority right now, focusing on steam and switch first


Hey fizzd!

I Called the ChocolateJake in discord and i asked "the youtuber Felps played another version. i can install it?" he say no, "this is the demo for conventions and streamers".

I Can install this demo for my channel?

Call me on the discord: SlayerSz#3089 or call me in e-mail:

My channel is

Thx for reading



hey SlayerSz, thanks for your message. We're not distributing the demo to anyone yet, even most streamers. It was just a special case for felps sorry! ChocolateJake is not part of our development team.


thanks fizzd!


np, thanks for understanding!

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