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I feel empty inside now

hey fizzd I played ADOFAI and I really liked it! I hope that Rhythm Doctor will do the same!

I pressed some random buttons which allowed me to have two-player, which is cool and all, but how do I revert it to single-player?

caps lock


i just use cuz im too poor to buy anything on steam :'D


i wish it still would work.....


You can still play it by downloading the offline version above the comments, or you can buy the actual game on Steam!


ik, but im currently on school computer...



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this what i call this game it just open's adobe flash

I love this game its funny clever fun and amazingly good gonna probably buy the full thing on steam to support the creators also my things I want to say:

1. Thanks to this game I can count up to 7 in chinese (idk how to spell that)

2. Am I the only one that finds the boss stages easier then the actual levels?

Tokaku did (kind of)

this is so fun


I'm trying to get the closed beta, can someone give me the link?



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... Can we get a downloadable .swf file for the flash version? Flash isn't limited to web browsers, it's a gaming platform and .swf files can be played in the official platform, Adobe Flash Player, which is still very much attainable (new versions aren't created, but the old versions exist and can be used to play Flash games much like someone can still play N64 games on an Nintendo 64 platform).

Update: An official download URL would be preferred, but I believe I've found it through another website that hosted the Shockwave Flash (.swf) version of your video game's demo. Here it is if anyone wants to download a copy of the demo (playable on the Shockwave platform - Adobe Shockwave Player):

Huh, I might have expected the swf file to still be in the page source code here, but I guess not. It's pretty easy to get it from Flashpoint anyway. But I do appreciate that you went to the effort to find it.

(By the way, "Shockwave Flash" is actually completely different from the Shockwave player/platform. Flash and Shockwave are two different plugins, both made by Macromedia which was later bought out by Adobe; Shockwave was much less frequently used, and used .dcr files rather than .swf. Why Flash was branded as "Shockwave Flash" for so long, I have no idea. One of the most confusing naming mixups in programming. Anyway, Flashpoint runs both, along with every other web plugin anyone knows of.)

Game is running perfect
<img src="">

well anyways when pressing some buttons some things happened and error happened, also whats testing mode?this is something that happened and when i pressed buttons it also said act 1 complete at 1 time


I came here after playing the Early Access on Steam to download the old Kanye level and it doesn't run when following the old instructions using "Flash Projector Windows.exe". I get the same error %NaN% as mentioned in earlier comments.


i cant download because i use chrome os pls make a download for chrome os

Sorry but no....


wdym no ur not the creator

yea i was dumb 


i use to think this was cool when i was watching people play this. it turns out this game requires you to pretty much be prefect. instead of having it as the same way as almost every single other good rhythm game by having a health bar that lowers if you miss and raises if you hit instead this game makes it so even if you are slightly early you are stuck with that mistake through out the entire song and it makes it so that if you even mess up great job on having to completely restart the song. also because of that i can't even beat the first level which seems more like a final boss fight in normal rythm games. this isn't hard this is stupid.


play rhythm heaven then try

i didn't get to finish the fricking game.


just download it

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with steam

Unzip it and read the intructions


"I see HUGE potential in this. Might become the next big rhythm game."

- Me 4 months ago..

Now this game is a steam game which kinda made it big. Play it either way!

less go i got the game running offline



the download

(1 edit) (+2)

for every one say i can't run the game its bec flash games stop suport in 2021 BUT u can play it by buy it on steam OR use flashpoint 

i miss flash games ):

me too


I hate this game FUCK

why ?

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i can play it


By flashpint OR buy it from steam 

flashpoint is program that can run legend games swf flash games

Oh thanks so much does it cost any money?

No but the file size is very big



when html5

its on u can buy it OR use flashpoint to play swf file (legend flash games file) (:

nvm i can just download it

Offline demo does not work for me, it says something about sitelock.

yes bec flash game is gone but u can use flashpoint for it (:


I can not play it becuse adobe flash stop

u can use flashpoint or buy it on steam

This game is amazing! I will probably get the early access on Steam soon!

this game si SO FUN


people do realise they can just download the demo, right?

im on mobile lol

no u can

Anyone else notice the LISA reference in the first boss level?


could you remake it so then people can play it without flash, I play on Chromebook and I can't download the game. If you can thank you

no u can play it use flashpoint or buy it on steam


yes or flash debuger

they cant download anything because they are on a chromebook


I miss my cool math papas pizzeria, rip flash

u can play that old game download flashpoint it has most of flash games

rip rhythm doctor demo, play the full version on steam ;(

R.I.P Flash. Now I can't play on browser.

tjjis game cost MONEY ON STEAM

download works


yeah i realized a day afterwards

i got the game but idk how it work


android version?

why does every ask that? It's not like everything can be on mobile

But this is a very simple concept to port to mobile. But programming takes time and they did say they were going to release an android version so we need to wait.

r.i.p flash


The first level doesn't load

this is because FLASH is dead

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