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(£1611.05 raised so far! February 2020 update: Thanks, you guys are the best! We are turning off donations for now
while we finish the game. Thank you!

And special thanks to Mehdi Shah for an ambrosial donation of £101, Cong Wang for an auspicious donation of £51,
Jozef for a creamy donation of £40, West for a kanye donation of £31,
Mr Color and for an executive donation of £30, caprachet for a invigorating donation of £30,
Alex for a luscious donation of £30, The Nerdy Musician for a toothsome donation of £25,
Chaz for a nectarous donation of £25, Sam for a scrumptious donation of £20,
Dan for a delicious donation of £20, nic for a buttery donation of £20 and
Pepijn for a super donation of £20!

Get notified when we release by wishlisting on Steam or signing up to our mailing list.
And our Discord for monthly short updates through 2020
and a free level editor.

(we send emails only when releasing things, see a previous email here, it comes with a nostalgic gamedev story)

Experimental 2-player mode: hit CapsLock during a level to toggle. P2 uses the L key.
 Experimental speed adjust: hit S or D in level select instead of Enter to play a slowed down or speeded up version.

January 2020: Preorder closed, thank you! (We are no longer offering
being in the credits as a preorder bonus, but if you really want the preorder still, the
password is in the Rhythm Doctor Discord server)
1st October 2018: Preorder released! 
1st April 2018: Level Editor Alpha r12a released! 
30th March 2017: We've just got greenlit! All thanks to you, thank you for the support and well done.


A one-button rhythm game heavily inspired by Rhythm Heaven!

Expanded full version coming 2020


"Send me a new level each month sometimes!"
[Monthly scheduled levels sneak peeks are over, but we're still giving out random levels occasionally!
For now we are sending out new level editor builds to the same email list monthly.]

WIP Level #0 - ' Steinway' - linked above
WIP Level #1 - ' One Shift More' - SENT! 27th July 2016
WIP Level #2 - ' Supraventricular Tachycardia' - SENT! 27th August 2016
WIP Level #3 - ' Delay Pedal' - SENT! 27th September 2016
WIP Level #4 - ' Delay Pedal 2' - SENT! 27th October 2016
WIP Level #5 - ' Mannequin Challenge' - SENT! 2nd December 2016
Bonus Level #6 - ' ??' - SENT! 28th January 2017
WIP Level #7 - Super Oriental Insomniac - SENT! 17th March 2017
[long silent period of building up the rest of the levels]

(signing up will also keep us encouraged and working hard
and make us feel fuzzy inside, so thank you <3)

Play our other rhythm game, A Dance of Fire and Ice!

How to Make a Rhythm Game


来自中国的玩家们,向你们问好!十分感谢你们的热心捐款(当然,如想免费下载游戏,在下 载界面中选择"No thanks"开头的链接即可)。游戏中有一些额外的操作按键,特此说明:在选关时,按S键选关将进入慢速模式,按D键将进入加速模式。在关卡进行途中, 按大小写切换键Caps Lock键可以开启双人游戏模式,第二名玩家按"L"键来进行游戏。

假如在游戏途中发现有不同步的现象,请您(1) 用力按空格键,以能听到按键声为佳,(2)假如您使用的是Chrome浏览器,建议换用Firefox或其他内核的浏览器,因为Chrome自带的Pepper Flash插件与游戏不太兼容。祝您玩得愉快!Translation provided by 谜之声.

Many, many hours have been spent making the engine accurate enough to

support a margin of error of a few hundredths of a second. After extensive

testing we found a calibration that worked for all browsers, except Chrome.

(If you are hitting bang on beat it will still be within the 'perfect' margin on

Chrome, it will just be less forgiving to late timings and more forgiving to hitting



The Chrome problem is not specific to this game, but affects

all games. It's just this game requires a degree of accuracy so high that the

tiny lag caused by Chrome's inbuilt Flash Player is enough to

throw the timing off. YOU CAN MAKE IT WORK IN CHROME by going to chrome://plugins and disabling all plugins with

'PepperFlash' in the location. This will make it use the normal Flash player like the other browsers, if you have it


If you get significant delays in hearing sounds, check this thread for a solution. Thanks to @EspyoPT for the tip!


probably used to hitting earlier in all rhythm games. In this game, you must

get over the automatic compensation that you usually do. One easy way

to do this is to hit the spacebar with force, as if you are hitting a drum,

and making sure that sound coincides exactly with the clap

from the game. Try hitting

a surface near your spacebar for the first six beats,

listening to the sound of your hits,

and then SLAMMING your hand onto your spacebar on the seventh! This

advice seemed to work with almost everybody when

we had a booth at GDC. Sorry about

your spacebar

And if after all that you still think it is off, tweet me! This is really important to us!

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This is such a cool game

3 years has gone... I come here again... I'm waiting for this game so long (sad

love it! owo



  1. Graphics on point
  2. It is only one button to press
  3. It's addicting



Got So Addicted To This Game That I'd Come Back Every Day For About 5 Or 6 Days, Trying To Get A Rank S On Every Level, Today I Finally Got The Secret Level, And I Gotta Say: This Game Is Truly A Masterpiece

I'm Really Looking Forward To The Steam Release, And Fizzd, If You're Reading This, Thank You For Making This Excellent Game, Appreciate You S2


I REALLY like the boss. I don't know what it is about glitchy beats gimmick that makes hitting the beat satisfying every time, but you made it really great! I love this and hope to see more content!


bruh this game is sooooo good but the first boss is SUPER hard


Sorry talking about this on here, Fizzd. I don't even know if you are going to read this but whatever.

So, since I love this game so much and I'm waiting the full version... I decided to post the full soundtrack without game sounds on Youtube with a rhythmic video... And I finally finished it! 

Hope you like the animations I made (excluding the first 2 songs, I didn't care about them [my favorites are Oriental Insomniac and Lounge])

And, obviously, I gave all the credits to 7th Beat Games. I just did this because I love this game so much!


This is incredible!! Thank you for making this Gontt!


I am so excited to see how this game turns out! I was just perusing the web when I stumbled on this. I love Rhythm Heaven, and I can say this game has that feel about it. It is full of character and has awesome game play. Of course there are a few bugs, because this is a demo, but I can confidently say I will buy this game when it comes out. 


Thanks for the nice words ItsMeBea!

a im youtuber


Count to seven in your head you say?

Alternative method: Let Me Beat This Stu-Pid Game

 I’ve played this game recently and it’s completely amazing!
 I really loved it, and I want the recent version because I already completed it and I want more songs for my ears from this game :)
 so if you are going to send me (free please) I leave my email here:
I really appreciate UwU!

There's a paid preorder here:

It is paid tho


I loved the easter egg when you hold down one of the arrow keys in the menu!

OMG this is amazing!

Ok, something feels REALLY wrong. I became consistently "too early" on the second patient, and started becoming "too early" after tapping along. It honestly feels like I need to hit the 7 & 1/2 beat. What's the exact BPM on the tutorial levels? I'd like to take a metronome and test it out.         


Hello fizzd,

I'm Saiko from youtube channel.
I watched Felps video (my friend) and i want to know, why his version of the game is different from this one.
I also wanted to ask for the newest version of the game, or the version that Felps played, to post on my channel and entertain my subscribers.
If not, can you send me (free) the game when it is full released?

I promised my subscribers that I would get a newer version of the game. this was mentioned in the video where I played the demo.

I await an answer.

You can reply this post or send me a reply at the following email:

See you later,


(sorry for the english btw)

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

Saiko então... eu não sei o caso do felps mas tem como comprar essa versão acessando esse site : *sou teu fan :D*

Se precisar de ajuda me manda um pedido de amizade no discord ou entra no servidor deles

Discord : Eclipse_Fluvvy#5901

Servidor : Só por o link em uma abá e entrar

Olá Matheus, eu estava no site e vi seu comentário, acho que essa versão não dá pra comprar por esse site, isso era a apenas a pre order fechada. Então, caso você ainda a tenha, por favor me chame pois eu sou um grande fã do jogo e queria saber de alguém com a Pre Order, acabei de ficar 3 horas na demo tentando passar o bonus level, o qual não tem fim.

Discord: Danonyyy#8319 ou




Caraio num é q respondeste?

Ycaro eh burro

hmm, your email is different from the one on the YouTube channel, his one doesnt have a 0 :O send me an email from the YouTube channel's email if you're legit, there are many scammers these days all the time and we can't tell.


Alright,  I'm not a "scammer" but you can send the preorder to him? 

I'm just here to say: him want the preorder,  and you can send the preorder to him?  I'm a subscriber for him channel... 

He really wanted the preorder and he's really impressed to the game! 

Good work and sorry for the unfortunate... 


sorry for bad english lol

haha, it's ok, we'll send the full version to him after the game is finished

Bruh, glad you noticed it

'-' seu merda

saiko vc e um eh um vc eh um incrível                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          o ycaro n e burro ele so n tem o qi do Einstein que nem vc

writen by gaga

(1 edit)

Something is wrong in this poster... Why is your email different from the video? *Strange*

(1 edit) (-1)

the game is launching off to steam in first 6 months or second 6 months?


I love this game, but when I try to play it offline, the patient never appears. At the top right corner of the screen, the game says: Patient approaching... NaN%

How do I solve that?

Hi Gontt, thanks for the comment. This might happen if you dont extract the files from the zip first, someone else solved this by extracting it. Hope that works!


Hey, that worked. Thx!

i have an issue sort of like his, i can boot it up fine, patients arrive but when i start a level the music doesn't play, characters don't move and i can only press space


Is there an actual way to get past level 5 to the next level, or does it just loop forever?

It just loops forever, that's the end of the demo. Thanks for playing!

thanks! just confused since it does look like there's more levels... :)

Well, u can do it, but that's illegal =))



I can't even get pass the first boss. Good game though


continue to count to 7 over and over again

omgggggg, it's so good <3

haha,I really love the second song.


This is a really cute game, pretty hard too.

(1 edit)

I heard that 666 kill chop deluxe in the first boss.

As soon as he brought lisa music in here he didnt stand a chance.

at least, i hope thats what it was

A really fun and creative idea, good job so far!

Really good stuff! so simple and challenging. You just gotta get used to the beat!

Such a super fun game to play really gets the adrenaline going!

I love this game - unique concept, good music and just fun to play. Sadly I don't have anything to support it but i would really like to see a full version.

Thank you! We are working hard on a full version that will be released on Steam. Hopefully we will have news on a release date later this year.

In the meantime, if you ever want another rhythm game to play, we released another game called A Dance of Fire and Ice:

I know, I read your other comment, 4 comments below this one and already bought it yesterday

(3 edits)

I noticed that rythm doctor is available for pre-order now (and will probably pre-order it soon), but do you know a full release date yet?

Edit: I pre-ordered it and have a question - how do you use the level editor? Because I don't even know how to access it, nor what to open the RDLEVEL files with. Is the level editor just not finished yet or did I miss something?

Edit 2: Oh, I'm just an idiot - you can choose it in the menu

영어를 못 해서 한국어로 적습니다. (죄송)

불과 얼음의 춤을 너무 재미있게 플레이해서 단 몇 시간 만에 보너스 스테이지까지 클리어를 했습니다.

그러다 같은 제작사의 리듬게임인 리듬 닥터를 발견하고 데모 버전도 방금 클리어를 끝냈습니다.

너무 재미있게 플레이했습니다 좋은 게임 만들어 주셔서 너무너무 감사합니다 :)

(미리 구매도 할 것입니다)

the new more hard game every



(2 edits)

this game is very good

the level 5 its imposible!!!!!!!


Yeah it's pretty hard, but I almost got it, so it's not impossible

So, I made it to the end of the song but the pattern just loops forever I think? I will conduct further research but that is my preliminary conclusion. 

(I know this was to month ago, but I revisited the game) - If the pattern loops forever, how do you unlock the levels after that one? I haven't gotten to the end of the fifth level, so I don't know if it loops forever or not

Oh my this game is actually extremely difficult!! It's unlike most rhythm games I've played and I love it. Sadly I only made it to 4 though (because I suck) but I'd love to see more games like this one!

We have another rhythm game! It's called A Dance of Fire and Ice:

And you'll see more levels of this one when we finish the full version of Rhythm Doctor! Thank you!


Dude you could make this into a main stream game! the music's great it has some challenge and could totally make it on all the platforms

Thank you! We're currently working on the final, full version for Steam. You can add us to your Wishlist so you know when we're released:

We also released another rhythm game earlier this year:

one of the best games out there

I have waited for years!!! And I dont know how many times I played this games!

too easy

its so hard omg 

Not working on desktop

Not working on Opera ._.

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