(£859.77 raised so far [last donation 6th January 2016]. Thanks!

And special thanks to Cong Wang for an auspicious donation of £51, Jozef for a creamy donation of £40, West for a kanye donation of £31, Mr Color and for an executive donation of £30, Alex for a luscious donation of £30, The Nerdy Musician for a toothsome donation of £25, Chaz for a nectarous donation of £25, Sam for a scrumptious donation of £20, Dan for a delicious donation of £20, nic for a buttery donation of £20 and Pepijn for a super donation of £20!)


A one-button rhythm game heavily inspired by Rhythm Heaven!

Expanded full version coming early 2017. Meanwhile, Work In Progress levels are sneek peaks (this must be the right spelling cause everyone spells it like this) of levels we are working on. For now we're restricting the newer ones to the mailing list, feel free to sign up.

[right now part-broken but you can get it to work with these instructions]

"Send me a new level each month!"
[12th Nov 2016 - 1045 signups! Monthly scheduled levels sneak peeks are over, but you can still sign up above to get emailed whenever we have a new playable present for you, we might have one coming soon..]

WIP Level #0 - 'Steinway' - linked above
WIP Level #1 - 'One Shift More' - SENT! 27th July 2016
WIP Level #2 - 'Supraventricular Tachycardia' - SENT! 27th August 2016
WIP Level #3 - 'Delay Pedal' - SENT! 27th September 2016
WIP Level #4 - 'Delay Pedal 2' - SENT! 27th October 2016
WIP Level #5 - 'Mannequin Challenge' - SENT! 2nd December 2016

(signing up will also keep us encouraged and working hard
and make us feel fuzzy inside, so thank you <3)

rhythmdr.com | Soundtrack | Facebook (1 like = 1 level haha no but it will also make us feel fuzzy and let us remind you when we finally release D:) | Feedback | DevLog | tweet us? | a long read | a hidden kanye

Experimental 2-player mode: hit CapsLock during a level to toggle. P2 uses the L key!

Experimental speed adjust: hit S or D in level select instead of Enter to play a slowed down or speeded up version.

Play our other rhythm game, A Dance of Fire and Ice!

How to Make a Rhythm Game


来自中国的玩家们,向你们问好!十分感谢你们的热心捐款(当然,如想免费下载游戏,在下 载界面中选择"No thanks"开头的链接即可)。游戏中有一些额外的操作按键,特此说明:在选关时,按S键选关将进入慢速模式,按D键将进入加速模式。在关卡进行途中, 按大小写切换键Caps Lock键可以开启双人游戏模式,第二名玩家按"L"键来进行游戏。

假如在游戏途中发现有不同步的现象,请您(1)用力按空格键,以能听到按键声为佳,(2)假如您使用的是Chrome浏览器,建议换用Firefox或其他内核的浏览器,因为Chrome自带的Pepper Flash插件与游戏不太兼容。祝您玩得愉快!Translation provided by 谜之声.

Many, many hours have been spent making the engine accurate enough to

support a margin of error of a few hundredths of a second. After extensive

testing we found a calibration that worked for all browsers, except Chrome.

(If you are hitting bang on beat it will still be within the 'perfect' margin on

Chrome, it will just be less forgiving to late timings and more forgiving to hitting



The Chrome problem is not specific to this game, but affects

all games. It's just this game requires a degree of accuracy so high that the

tiny lag caused by Chrome's inbuilt Flash Player is enough to

throw the timing off. YOU CAN MAKE IT WORK IN CHROME by going to chrome://plugins and disabling all plugins with

'PepperFlash' in the location. This will make it use the normal Flash player like the other browsers, if you have it

(apparently Chrome is shutting down Flash at the end of the year anyways, that's why we've remade the full game in Unity now, but for browser demos Unity is terrible, oh golly what will we do)


If you get significant delays in hearing sounds, check this thread for a solution. Thanks to @EspyoPT for the tip!


probably used to hitting earlier in all rhythm games. In this game, you must

get over the automatic compensation that you usually do. One easy way

to do this is to hit the spacebar with force, as if you are hitting a drum,

and making sure that sound coincides exactly with the clap

from the game. Try hitting

a surface near your spacebar for the first six beats,

listening to the sound of your hits,

and then SLAMMING your hand onto your spacebar on the seventh! This

advice seemed to work with almost everybody when

we had a booth at GDC. Sorry about

your spacebar:3

And if after all that you still think it is off, tweet me! This is really important to us!

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Published2 years ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Tagsone-button, Rhythm
AccessibilityOne button
Player countSingleplayer


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this is amazing

I loved the July beta level, is there going to be a level like that in the full game?

Thanks, and yeah we have more levels like that one!

By chance I thought of this game today after playing like a year ago and am very glad to see it being developed into a full game! Very excited.

Also, is there any chance of a mobile release? The game seems well suited for a mobile platform

thank you pswjt1! And indeed there is a high chance of mobile, here's a teaser!

Hi, backer with some feedback here, not sure how else to send this.

I feel like the level that was released in December is a little two unforgiving difficulty wise, only getting two chances makes transitioning to the "get set" beat almost always an instant failure.

(Also from the Kanye mention in the last email it sounds like you can send feedback in game. Is that right, and if so how?)

Hey Zegooddoctor, you can either reply to the email or, the in-game form appears when you press quit! As for the level, thanks for the feedback, we're indeed nerfing and making some tweaks to address that, e.g. having a few empty counts before the SVT portion. Hopefully that'll keep thethe execution challenge but make it less opaque to figure out. Thanks!


Hello Fizzd! I have an idea for a boss, it can be like a normal song except it sometimes loops the previous notes over again. So you can be 15 seconds into the song and it can repeat the last 3 seconds, or something like that!

Hey killer avocado, thanks for the suggestion! Yeah actually that's a good glitch effect and fits with gameplay too, we'll see if we can work it in!


How do you play the new levels? :c

They're in their second trimester now. You can play them in a few months once our game is out! Meanwhile we'll definitely send out occasional mini-levels to our newsletter, so go sign up for that if you haven't and are interested :)


I like how you made your levels hard, but not enraging. That is a difficult balance to strike.

Thanks, glad you feel that way! If you haven't, check out the Rhythm Heaven series on the Nintendo consoles too if you like this kind of strictness of error.

I will do that, thanks for the recommendation

(Edited 3 times) (+2)

Hey, I found a way to play the currently broken Steinway and Kanye levels:

0. Download the demo if you haven't already
1. Copy the link to the level you want to play and paste it into the address bar
2. In the url, replace "index.html" with "RhythmDoctor.swf"
3. Save the page (in Firefox, click the menu button and then "save page")
4. Put the swf file in the same folder as the demo ("RhythmDoctorOffline\bin" on my pc)
5. Drag it onto Flash Projector.exe
6. Play


very helpful! thanks!

Deleted post
(Edited 2 times) (+1)

The new level is pretty fun, although now my fingers hurt because while tapping out the beats I usually slam the table with my fingers harder that the spacebar >_<.

I wanted to ask this for a few days now, but I forgot every time so I'll ask this right now before I forget it again. Will the full game have a level editor?

On Oriental Insomniac, pausing when the red text appears will cause this to appear:
"Hey, player
You shouldn't be reading this
Seems you're clever, exploiting a glitch by pausing the game to read al
Well, you know
I think you
Check the level select screen, there's something for you there"
This is all I could find by recording a video of the text and playing it at a slow speed. Will we ever get to find out what the full text is?


Please make this happen, maybe with a small patch after the official release as to not delay the game.

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

I dont know anything about that, how very spooky..

(thanks for the feedback! and level editor most probably not on release sorry, but doable for sure, just that it would require a few weeks of extra work to make something user-friendly.)

Uh, level select?



I think it would be cool if you had a "Return of the Connectifia Abortus" level that is significantly harder and just starts flat-out playing different music at a point


it is planned!!! shhhh :)


Anyone else having trouble playing the levels not included in the main demo?

Deleted post

Me :P

what do you mean?

When I download the WIP levels, it just gives me a "Get adobe flash player" message

oh snap, its not supposed to be a downloadable, looks like dropbox finally disabled hosting web pages. will find an alternative eventually, thanks for the heads up guys


I love this game so much! I can't stop listening to Oriental Insomniac haha

My NHS approval rate is 31 percent, but I can't seem to get past the 5th (bonus) level. Does anyone have any advice?

thanks! and that level just goes on forever, sorry!


I love the music. The only one I don't like is unwell, the others are great

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

Stick with the original songs in my opinion

I love this game. Early 2017 can't come soon enough. I will ask that you remove the bosses health bar. It seems pointless

It doesn't actually do anything. Add a timer or something

thanks! and hah yeah the boss bar thing could be better implemented, we'll probably fix it before release


Hey ! Congrats for the new level ! It's a bit short, but the mechanics are awesome ! The song is great, but to suit it, you should change the voiced sounds with the spotlights (the "get-set!") for something more like drums. Great job tho !

interesting suggestion, will think about it, thanks! the original aim was to have something that's like super obvious that it was different from both the song, and the moving beats, so that's why i chose a 'beep'. But yeah i can see that it could sound a bit jarring.

I feel like the game is too forgiving with late presses, but pressing just a tiny bit early results in a miss. Will we get calibration in the final version like in A Dance of Fire and Ice?


yup, but we're planning one with an automatic calibration using your microphone and the (real-life) sound of you hitting the spacebar! That's how the game is meant to be played, but we'll also have manual override for those who'd rather not play by slamming. The difference in travel time between lightly pressing and hitting with force makes about 30ms difference, which is why for this version, it seems a tiny bit off if you're playing without slamming.

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

Hey, I don't know the best way to contact you, but is there any way you could upload a video of the song intimate played on guitar? I've sort of figured it out by ear, but can't quite get all of the parts without seeing it :\ I'll be Abe to donate 10$ or so if you can :)

hey!! hmm ok here's a really quick guide i just made http://pastebin.com/4zKCHMr3

there are some parts missing but hopefully you can work from that :) Someone also made a tab set to the music which is pretty accurate here too: https://play.riffstation.com/results?q=%22Intimate...

thank you so much! (

woah thank you so much for the donation Huntia!! Really appreciate it :D

so I just got time today to try this out and I already have this part figured out xD I'm mostly trying to see the fills and stuff that you do, but it's whatever :b

oh hahah sorry about that. xD it was all improv really, I don't think those fills should be taken as 'official', basically i just recorded my guitar four or five times over to get a layered sound and plucked notes that felt right, and then added some shakers and recorded some rain cuz it happened to be raining when i was recording it haha. If i ever make a video I'll let you know!


Hey ! Great job so far ! I once finished the bonus level, but I lost my save and cannot do it again. Is that how you unlock Tier 4 or is it somehow else ?

hey jey, thanks for the kind words!! ah no, the bonus level is just a bonus, after Tier 3, that's the end of the demo :) (except for one more secret level shh)

Full version's coming out next year. If you are up for becoming a tester, you can sign up to the mailing list up there^^^ for a new level each month in the meantime.

(Edited 1 time)

Well, I've subscribed for a year already, and I was almost shocked (in a good way) when I saw that THE MACHINE WAS ON ! Anyway, keep on being awesome !

Aaaand, I've just played August's level, it's pretty cool but you should 1: add warnings about the flashing colors etc, for the slightly epileptic and people who could play withot any problem so far, but could still have trouble with this one, and 2- you should either mix the new beat with the classic 7th tick, or make it a bit more hearty, not equal, but mor like a 'pa-pam ! pa-pam !'. Or you could keep this idea for a more jazzy level IDK.

Haha we are doing both those ideas actually, it's going to be great fun. Thanks for the feedback!

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