The free demo above no longer works because most browsers no longer support Flash.
But you can still download the offline version of it above the comments at the bottom of the page.
Some old archived instructions and messages

This game is being turned into a full commercial game, 
starting with Early Access release on Steam in February 2021!! 

rhythmdr.com | Soundtrack | Facebook | Twitter | a hidden kanye | chords for Intimate | Level Editor

(£1611.05 raised so far! February 2020 update: Thanks, you guys are the best! We are turning off donations for now
while we finish the game. Thank you!

And special thanks to Mehdi Shah for an ambrosial donation of £101, Cong Wang for an auspicious donation of £51,
Jozef for a creamy donation of £40, West for a kanye donation of £31,
Mr Color and for an executive donation of £30, caprachet for a invigorating donation of £30,
Alex for a luscious donation of £30, The Nerdy Musician for a toothsome donation of £25,
Chaz for a nectarous donation of £25, Sam for a scrumptious donation of £20,
Dan for a delicious donation of £20, nic for a buttery donation of £20 and
Pepijn for a super donation of £20!

Get notified when we release by wishlisting on Steam or signing up to our mailing list.
And our Discord for monthly short updates through 2020
and a free level editor.

(we send emails only when releasing things, see a previous email here, it comes with a nostalgic gamedev story)

Experimental 2-player mode: hit CapsLock during a level to toggle. P2 uses the L key.
 Experimental speed adjust: hit S or D in level select instead of Enter to play a slowed down or speeded up version.


A one-button rhythm game heavily inspired by Rhythm Heaven!

Expanded version coming February 2021

WIP Level #0 - ' Steinway' - linked above
WIP Level #1 - ' One Shift More' - SENT! 27th July 2016
WIP Level #2 - ' Supraventricular Tachycardia' - SENT! 27th August 2016
WIP Level #3 - ' Delay Pedal' - SENT! 27th September 2016
WIP Level #4 - ' Delay Pedal 2' - SENT! 27th October 2016
WIP Level #5 - ' Mannequin Challenge' - SENT! 2nd December 2016
Bonus Level #6 - ' ??' - SENT! 28th January 2017
WIP Level #7 - Super Battleworn Insomniac - SENT! 17th March 2017
[long silent period of building up the rest of the levels]

(signing up will also keep us encouraged and working hard
and make us feel fuzzy inside, so thank you <3)

Play our other rhythm game, A Dance of Fire and Ice!

How to Make a Rhythm Game


来自中国的玩家们,向你们问好!十分感谢你们的热心捐款(当然,如想免费下载游戏,在下 载界面中选择"No thanks"开头的链接即可)。
按大小写切换键Caps Lock键可以开启双人游戏模式,第二名玩家按"L"键来进行游戏。 Translation provided by 谜之声.

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tjjis game cost MONEY ON STEAM

i got the game but idk how it work

android version?

why does every ask that? It's not like everything can be on mobile

r.i.p flash

The first level doesn't load

this is because FLASH is dead

I wanted to play it FOR FREE!

well you cant always get what you want

will have a version for linux?

this is too hard help

cont in your mind :

like 1 2 1 2 3 4,in 4 i'm press space


i have a problem, when the first patient is approaching. It doesnt work! i played this game before and i wanna play it again, how do i fix this problem?


Great to finally have the game, fizzd (even if it's the early access version that's sadly missing Delay Pedal)! I can still remember playing it with my girlfriend in 6th grade and now I'm in my first year of college. Thanks for all your hard work over the years and for never giving up. Hopefully we can get more versions in other languages of the original songs! Bless!


If you still want to play this game, download the offline version. It still works!

gostei e bom

cara so tem gringo aqui

(2 edits)

I did a perfect on the first tier and second i love this game hope it reaches it full potential.

Tier 2:https://youtu.be/aeztumopHXI

Tier 1:https://youtu.be/7QIQSQGf_7k

Also sorry if my english is bad, i'm brazillian






f for flash


what specs do you need to run this game???????

i have a really crapy pc but it runs it. like i have 4gb of ram but 64mb of vram and it runs fine.


Press Flash to pay respects






rip adobe flash :(

it will be missed

(1 edit) (+1)

When is the steam release date? It just shows Feb 2021. Great game btw, will buy it on steam

hi satvarsh, it's out now on steam!



you cant


would there steam workshop support for songs ( on of the best rythmn games ive played in years )


yup, there will be! and thank you, early access coming soon


why did flash had to die :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

fuk i can't play this game anymore bc flash it's gone now I will sob in a counter 

Didn't update my browser, so this demo still works. I feel cool and sneaky lol

nice now that flash player has been disabled I can't play this anymore again nice :,(

Download the ofline copy


I just beat the game, this is MUCH better then i remember. Thanks for this gem of a game


Happy New Year! RIP Flash, you will be missed. Good thing this demo was archived in flashpoint, but it's not the same. Looking forward to that February release pending some unforseen catastrophe! Love talking to any and all members of the dev team on the discord, you guys are honestly some of the nicest and most caring people I've met, and I wish you all good luck on wrapping up what's left.


Thank you for the reminder to update this page plaster haha. RIP Flash, same to you and may 2021 finally be Rhythm Doctor year


♫♪  ------------------------------------------                    ----♥   

i like the nurse excuse when you: fail at first and try again

damn this game is so fun!!

i can't fullscreen


incredibly great game, I just suck.

Does this remind anybody of toejam and earl?

i like it!

really fun! reminds me of that one nitrome game. loved that very much

pixel pop! both of these were inspired by Rhythm Heaven, you'll definitely like that one if you havent seen it

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