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IMPORTANT: If the song files stay at 'NaN%', that means Dropbox has disabled the song files for having too much traffic. Just download the offline version below.

(£440.09 raised so far. Thanks! And special thanks to Cong Wang for an auspicious donation of £51, Jozef for a creamy donation of £40, Mr Color and for an executive donation of £30, Alex for a luscious donation of £30, Dan for a delicious donation of £20, nic for a buttery donation of £20 and Pepijn for a super donation of £20!)


A one-button rhythm game heavily inspired by Rhythm Heaven!

(Check below for a downloadable version of this demo!)

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Experimental 2-player mode: hit CapsLock during a level to toggle. P2 uses the L key!

Experimental speed adjust: hit S or D in level select instead of Enter to play a slowed down or speeded up version.

"Tell me when there's a new level!"

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How to Make a Rhythm Game


Many, many hours have been spent making the engine accurate enough to support a margin of error of a few hundredths of

a second. After extensive testing we found a calibration that worked for all browsers (with a Flash version of 11.4 or above),

except an older version of Chrome, as it uses the PepperFlash plugin. Enjoy!

IF YOU INSIST ON USING CHROME: [Update 5th April 2014] It should run fine now on PepperFlash,

which is Chrome's default embedded Flash player. Right-click and check the version, if it's 12.1 or above it should run fine.

[If you have an older version of Chrome Flash:]

The Chrome problem is not specific to this game, but affects

all games. It's just this game requires a degree of accuracy so high that the

tiny lag caused by Chrome's inbuilt Flash Player is enough to

throw the timing off. YOU CAN MAKE IT WORK IN CHROME by going to chrome://plugins and disabling all plugins with

'PepperFlash' in the location. This will make it use the normal Flash player like the other browsers, if you have it


IF YOU ARE USING LINUX: The latest Flash version is 11.2 which unfortunately doesn't include the amazing sound latency

update. The game should still be playable, the only difference being that the audiophiles will notice a 0.1s latency

between pressing a key and hearing its sound effect. However if you're used to playing flash games on 11.2 and have

never noticed this then it shouldn't affect you! Just press enter at the warning.


probably used to hitting earlier in all rhythm games. In this game, you must

get over the automatic compensation that you usually do. One easy way

to do this is to hit the spacebar with force, as if you are hitting a drum,

and making sure that sound coincides exactly with the clap

from the game. Try hitting

a surface near your spacebar for the first six beats,

listening to the sound of your hits,

and then SLAMMING your hand onto your spacebar on the seventh! This

advice seemed to work with almost everybody when

we had a booth at GDC. Sorry about

your spacebar:3

And if after all that you still think it is off, tweet me! This is really important to us!

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