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you lived without this...
                                               can live without this

you lived without this...
                                               can live without this

you lived without this...
                                               can live without this

Also wonts to play some "a dance of fire and ice" .)


Would love to see port for android, nice game, but levels by progress will become more shitty and out of rhythm, lol


It is on Android. Check the Play Store. It’s on iOS too.

In that case it's missing the Play Store link in this entry. Many games with mobile ports have store links in their profiles here.

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when u do the start on browser its a little hard

please try and remove that i wanna actually play


skill issue

No I mean the start

bruh im fr laging


why so fun lol

It fails to launch on mac something about the file being damaged tried downloading and unzipping multiple times nothing. moved it to the applications folder nothing.

my mac is a M1 2020 MacBook air.

try the discord. i play on mac every day so i know it can work


I just beat the game yeah that was worth it glad I got this 


this is unfairly addicting. Like mf what do you mean I choked at 89%. What? Quit? Absolutely not. 

Having said that 3-1x is kicking my ass.


pretty easy imo

but thats my opinion.

This game is fucking awesome


As a rhythmically challenged person, this game humbled me. It took me 56 times to beat the first level at 98%. I both hate you and love you. I wanted to quit, but I knew if I kept trying and going with the beat, I'd get there. Love the music. Thanks for making this game. 



Simple, but super cool!

At first, when I was playing the first few levels, I was thinking "yeah, it's alright", but when I got to level 5 or so I was loving it. Good work!


When you beat the game, and press and hold R (which is to reset), it says "But you worked so hard for this purple!"
When you ALMOST do a full reset, it says "Goodbye purple"
And when you fully reset, it just goes like when you didn't beat the game 
I find that amusing xD

what are the controls


all of the above


I somehow found a debug mode, Can anyone tell me more info on the debug mode



I really want the music though it makes me so happy!


how do i change the language when I bought the game it's in Spanish HELP!!!!!!!!!!


Esc > Settings > General

Such a cool game! Do you have the music for it on spotify or something? I love the music.

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it works on chrome book 

yea boiiiiiiiiiiiii

It won't load the demo version on a Chromebook. Please fix.

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it loads for me i think something is wrong with your chromebook you need to check it out or something i think lol

ive looked at everything on my computer and i cant found anything wrong with it

dang welp ig theres nothing to do ig

could you upload an image of your website settings, with information blurred out so we can compare each others settings and try to find out what's wrong?

no thanks sorry bud

Even though it is a simple game it is still entertaining to play. The design is unique too. I don't think I've ever played a game like this. nice job :)

super kewl game. strict, yes. frustrating, hell yes. makes you want to kys, absolutely.  but when you finally beat heracles, it'll be worth it.

this comment section is wild


die for example

uh ok?

Do NOT buy if you're drawn in by r80 teasers.
Beta access and r80 is STILL steam exclusive.

Thanks for the refund!


But I just bought it and the r80 features are there

You bought and experienced it having r80 a week after it came out on steam and even longer if you take into consideration beta access. If you buy this product on this website you should know this for any future updates.

 had a blast playing this game :) shared it on my youtube channel where I played it:


waste of money



why is mine in spanish

Deleted 246 days ago
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on the main title press esc 




As a musician, and one who has a laggy laptop, I sync my presses to the music.

dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun du-du-dun
dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun du-du-dun
dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun du-du-dun

bro the lag XD my pc sucs

what the fuck is this comment section?


is there a way to refund the game

I love this game

i love this game!

please make another demo

pretty good game as well as a good demo.


Everybody else: pogging about first 2 hours of game
me: pulling hair out over 180 bpm double 1/6th beat i can't do

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